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Municipal Law

SBRL has a special interest in municipal law.

SBRL municipal law attorneys:


  • Lead attorney in North Castle since 1982
  • Lead attorney in North Salem since 1990
  • Lead attorney in Somers since 2006
  • Special Counsel to Yorktown during 2011
  • Special Counsel to City of Peekskill School District during 2013-2014
  • Special Counsel to School District of the Tarrytowns during 2017


  • Town Prosecutor in Somers and North Salem for zoning, town ordinance violations, and New York State Police traffic violations
  • Special Prosecutor to the Town of Southeast

GERALD D. REILLY, of counsel

  • Town attorney in Mount Pleasant from 2007 to 2013

Representing these very different towns has enabled us to build a broad expertise in this very multi-faceted area of the law.


Representing Municipalities

In the three towns we currently represent, North Castle, North Salem, and Somers, we are responsible for all legal matters including Land Use and Zoning matters; the only exceptions being labor related matters and municipal finance issues.

In North Castle, we deal with everything from helipads and office development for some of the world’s largest corporations (IBM, Swiss Re, and Citigroup, to name just a few) to 150 lot subdivisions. We are counsel to seven water districts and five sewer districts, one of which includes an operating treatment plant. We represent two fire districts and have formed several overlapping ambulance districts with EMS/ALS on-call services.

Our representation of North Salem takes on a more “defensive” role. We inherited substantial cases then in litigation which we continue to work toward resolution. The zoning and affordable housing issues associated with the litigation have enabled us to develop a broad knowledge of the issues and a working relationship with the County Planning staff.

The Town of Somers is particularly focused on sustainable projects and open space initiatives. We closed title on the $20 million purchase of the Eagle River land preservation parcel.

Always trying to be innovative, we worked long and hard to find a solution that the Hamlet of Armonk could accept when dealing with the onslaught of cellular towers. The result was one tower on town property with all five carriers located on it (now reduced to three). This produces a revenue to the town of just under $200,000.00 per year.


SEQR & Environmental Laws

We are particularly knowledgeable in SEQR compliance issues and environmental laws and routinely work with NYCDEP to foster the protection of the Kensico Reservoir in North  Castle, the Titicus Reservoir in North Salem, and the Muscoot Reservoir in Somers.


Tax Certiorari

Over the years we have developed a special expertise in the defense of tax certiorari cases. We have successfully placed several industrial development agency offerings:  IBM and Swiss Re with Empire State Development Corp. (ESDC); and Citigroup, Carquest, and The Bristal with Westchester County IDA (WCIDA). Fiscal impacts have become more focused in land use and zoning reviews before municipal boards. These offerings are not just for new construction but are used with existing office complexes as well. When implemented properly, these offerings can mean a steady guaranteed revenue stream (without the possibility of refunds) to the town and school district protected from economic downturns and fluctuating equalization rates for the life of the offering, usually twenty years. We served as Special Tax Counsel to the City of Peekskill School District in its re-negotiation of a PILOT for the RESCO facility.

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